Timothy is so excited that students are finally able to return to live performance. while talented artists have been working on their craft with zoom during the pandemic 2021 had finally had a window of light.

Follow the Young and New performers in Western Sydney. Guided by Timothy Wells they enjoy getting beck to sharing their talents and adapt to new ways in which they can work on their instrument – the voice.

Jatin Djangh

Lily Sepetuac

Oliver Dundas – Green Finch and Linette Bird

Clare Rowley – Pure di Cesti

Charlee Wells – I Don’t Want Tp Live On the Moon

Jadd Muzner – The Kite

Andrew Simms – Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

Charlee Wells – When Will My Life Beguin

Cooper Lee – Brusers

Parker Bradley – Flesh And Bone

Andrew Simms – Pretty Woman

Oliver Dundas – Think Of Me

Jadd Muzner – This Nearly Was Mine

Christine Marin – Love Never Dies

Jatin Djangh -Johanna

Jay Mishra – All Of me

Clare Rowley – Light at the Piazza

  Jul 02, 2021

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